About Us

Our Story

Valkyrie Battle Gear, LLC was founded by and is comprised of world level athletes, top level coaches, and wrestling parents.  We have been in the trenches with the female athletes all along the way.  Tired of watching male-centric companies release a piece here and there for the women, we decided to build a complete training and competition line, just for them.  No longer going unseen; no longer feeling like a side-note, this is their brand, this is VALKYRIE.

About Us

Our designs are inspired by the pioneer, female athletes, that know exactly what has been missing and desperately needed. Taking both training and competition into account, we are building a brand that is not only more functional, but that all women, young girls to senior level athletes, can take pride in wearing. A BRAND JUST FOR THEM!

Our Mission

Design, produce and deploy an all-female brand of wrestling/grappling apparel.  It is our goal to build our brand to a height that cannot be ignored; to let the world know that the girls are here to stay.

What Is Our “Why”

It is our global mission to take this momentum and do our part in expanding and growing the sport; creating opportunities for the female athletes that Valkyrie was created for.